The Untethered Soul

Western minds gravitate towards Eastern meditative techniques with an unprecedented  vigor and dedication. Like a wellspring gushing forth, authors saturated the book market with texts promising bliss, internal peace and inner balance. Yet, most of it is gibberish to the typical American reader. Most of it is aloof and intangible to the thick hearts of modern society. Singer circumvents our short attention spans and lack of deep reading ability by drawing upon ancient wisdom in a manner that the heart and mind of the most unspiritual person can relate to.

We are in need of learning how to be happy. We are in need of meaning. We are in need or purpose. We are in need of energy. We are in need of light. Yet, our needs paralyze us further, for we know not how to approach these existential challenges. Utilizing the techniques brought forth in this book, the reader will, at the very least, learn what it takes to touch the infinite. The dedicate reader shall surely have the tools necessary to transform aspects of their lives which are the root cause of unhappiness and stress.

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  1. What a great site with in depth reviews! Truly appreciate your time to review these books. Looking forward to reading many more.


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