The Feeling of Meaninglessness

The existential vacuum. It eats at the soul, even to those not in touch with the spiritual. It breaks the hearts of the philosophical, and it anchors down to the abyss of self-absorbed depression. At times, it may push us to look up, to break free, but the pain sits within. Dark. Empty.Stuck.

Now enters the psychoanalytic genius of Frankl.

He destroys Freud throughout this book. How does he do so? Epistemological¬†evidence of logotherapy working in the most challenging of patients. A woman aiming for suicide, a man dying of cancer, a teenager ready to run away, Viktor lifts them – and all of us- up to a realm of meaning in the world of meaninglessness. Theology and philosophy can’t argue with evidence. Freud, looking at human nature as a mechanism of the ego seeking sexual gratification, fails to explain the vacuum we sit in. The vacuum is a hole much deeper than physical dissatisfaction; it is a hole in the heart, a hole in wholeness of being complete.¬†

We search for answers, we seek happiness, we chase fulfillment. Counter-intuitively, you are unable to attain any of these entities in the mode of approach. They are but a byproduct. They are a mere fallout of life. Life is the goal. Living life is meaning. Meaning is not defined, it exists, in that hole. How to excavate this hole to become whole is the secret of this book.

Categories: Mind and Consciousness

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