A Beautiful Question

Look at the Universe. Close your eyes and look into the eye watching your mind. Look beyond the Universe. Look at a painting. A computer. A math problem.

Seems like all of these entities are separated by different laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. But, the truth is, at its core, Wilczek demonstrates a profound symmetry existing at each stage of creation. At each level there is art. In each atom a mirror image of the Universe exists. Through basic general relativity to quantum physics and M-theory, the author does a phenomenal job at exploring the mysterious art behind the science of Nature.

We view the world as is; what hits our retina, processed in our occipital lobe, and transformed into conscious though, a perception. Yet, behind that veils is not only a beautiful question, but a philosophical answer with far more beauty. This text opens us to the reality of science beyond science, while rooted in science. It is majestic.

Categories: Mind and Consciousness

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