Into The Magic Shope

Sensitive souls and refined minds are aware that money and fame don’t equate to a life of meaning. Yet, it took the struggle of a lifetime for a brilliant brain surgeon, Jim Doty, to explore this truth first hand.

Jim came from nothing – literally. He fought his way from a broken home to becoming a world-class neurosurgeon with his magic. What is this ‘magic’which he used to climb the rungs of prestige in medicine?

Training of the mind.

Jim learnt from an early age that the power of conscious thought may lead us into deeper realities, ones in which each person drives their our destiny through passion, work, ambition, and mind power. Throughout the book of his life, you learn how far this magic took him, and how it pulled him from the ghetto to a Stanford operating room.

Yet, the story is not about his meditative techniques. Nor is it about his medical skill. You learn that Jim eventually reaches fame, prestige, and a personal bank account worth $75 million. His Ferrari and Porsche do not satiate his inner, spiritual, need. You will learn why he gives away $30 million to charity, how he drives himself back into poverty, and what catalyzes his sprint back to the top of his world. Take the journey, for it will open your heart, which is all part of his magic.

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