Furiously Happy 

She’s crazy. We get it. But what’s with spending over 200 pages droning on about idiosyncratic stories representing the extremes of your mental illness? 

A book written by anyone with a mental illness, especially depression, needs to have a clear message. The message can be fun, creative and extraordinary, but it must be there. Furiously Happy failed in that respect. Story after story the author rants on about highly unusual episodes displaying her symptoms as a sufferer of depression. And the reader gains what from that? Entertainment? 

Granted, it takes courage to write such a book. She exposed her troubles in marriage, her hardships at work, and the simple burden of just living with a brain that doesn’t want to be happy. To her credit, some of the stories are insightful, even empowering. Yet, she falls short of taking the reader into a realm of purpose. 

Categories: Depression, Psychiatric Analysis of Meditative Methods

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