A Guide To The Good Life 

Pursuing a life of virtue creates a life of tranquility. Yet what defines virtue? How do we experience tranquility, for it is not a universal emotion equal in all hearts?

It is on page 48 that the uniqueness of Stoichism is highlighter: train yourself to have a good life. Much like the thought process of the Dali Llama, Seneca tells his friends to learn how to be happy. Epictetus was known for asking his students if their souls were healthy. It was through building a healthy soul, said Epictetus, that man lives with the purpose of his creation. It is through personal reflection on the state of mankind and nature of the world that one will become tranquil and virtuous.

A basic tenant of Stoicism is negative visualization. The inherent component is to set oneself free from worry and dissatisfaction with life through periodically contemplating the impermanence of all ones possessions. Realize and internalize that your wife, job and children can all be gone tomorrow, and your today with them will forever be filled with energy and joy. Akin to Buddhism, through meditating on what you have and how quickly you can lose them will generate a feeling of gratitude throughout life.

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