Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business

Why did a group of French pilots lose control of their aircraft, killing all their passengers, while a flight from Singapore facing brutal aircraft damage managed to pull of an emergency landing, saving all passengers?

What did Project Aristotle at Google uncover about how the best teams work?

How did a low-tier employee at the CIA challenge everything the intelligence community believed in, and forever change our national security?

Why was Saturday Night Live such a success, taking into consideration the stellar egos and vast personality differences on stage?

What did a Marine Corps general change in recruitment camp training that subsequently caused recruits to feel confident enough to make bold decisions on the battle field?

At the heart of personal productivity rests the riddles of the mind. Duhigg exposes how the answers to the above mentioned are all the same. Success shares a common element available to all who choose to take control of their lives, of their days, of their moments. He demystifies a secret ingredient to success, and challenges the reader to challenge themselves. The unique ingredient in the analysis provided in this book is its tangibility. Whether the reader is a lawyer, CEO or school teacher, the methods leading to success are free to all those who work hard at perfecting themselves on a daily basis.


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