Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Would you not want to know how a South African kid turned into the one person who took on the most regulated industries in the world, and actually won?

How did Elon Musk go from inventing PayPal to building rocket ships out of Los Angeles?

What motivated him to make his mission statement the colonization of Mars?

Elon is arrogant, strong, and insanely smart. His standard of work ethic is definitely in the top 1%, and perhaps that is why his net worth is about 13 billion. He never takes no for an answer, pushes everyone around him to work to the brink of exhaustion, and fights to get the impossible done as fast as possible.

An employee is charged with a mission to work on a highly sophisticated redesign of a rocket ship aligned with the economics and ergonomics mandated by Elon. He works 90 hours a week for 52 weeks to complete this project. After sending an email to Musk nearly 1 year after the initiation of the project, he waits in trepidation to hear back from his boss. He failed at getting the price under 10,000, which was .1% of the value market price. But he succeeded at creating what Musk asked.

The response he received 45 seconds later from Musk: OK.

And the next morning, they were working on a new project. There are no pats on the back, there is no mercy, and if you can’t keep up with him, you are out. But, as CEO, he isn’t sitting in his luxury home waiting for his team to deliver. He is on the ground, hands on, working with them to meet deadlines. Whether flying to Moscow to buy ICBMs, or taking on Airbus or Boeing head on, his arrogance creates a relentless character that has enabled him to believe, and succeed, at changing the world for the better.

Think of this: the 1st 1,000 employees for SpaceX were actually hired by Musk himself. He would call Stanford, ask for names of students with the highest grades, no wives or girlfriends, and incredible work ethic. He has a custom of calling these students on their phones on a Wednesday night, simply stating,” Hey this is Elon Musk and I want to meet you. Come to SpaceX tomorrow to chat.”

He is an oddball, he is brilliant, and he is a visionary. He is also a brutal businessman who was willing to put it all on the line to succeed.

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