Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience

If the limitation of you brain’s power to comprehend your mind fascinates you, or if you are merely curious as to what a successful life in academic neuroscience may look like, then Gazzaniga has composed the right book for you. His adventure through the ranks of academic medicine is duly noted, and the intricacies of producing real progress in science comes to life. His struggles to climb to the top of the neuroscience community provide a valuable lesson into what it may take to follow his lead: skill, perseverance, passion, and simple luck.

The book intertwines two worlds fighting for the attention of his life: family and work. Unlike other books on science, Gazzaniga gets very personal in his latest book, laying out the personal toll his journey into academia has taken on him. Yet, in addition to the obstacles ( and accomplishments) he puts forth, he mesmerizes the reader with a plethora of neurologically-based research studies, mainly lead by him throughout his career. If one is intrigued by the seat of consciousness, or the anatomical regions responsible for self-awareness, his split-brain research will tickle your minds curiosity to probe ever deeper into this mystery. Yet, beyond the research is his journey; the experience by which he developed novel tools to look deeper into our most beloved organ. This process is what makes science so beautiful.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I’ll definitely put this on my summer reading list.


  2. Excellent book. I was fascinated by the split brain patients, and how he showed that each side of their brain had different characters. They were almost two separate people with different tastes and wants.

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