The Big Picture 

The ability for a strict scientist to approach theological questions with sensitivity and creativity is rare. Conventional astrophysics will profess atheism as dogma, while belittling religious beliefs in the face of hard science. Carrol outshines others in this domain by being insanely respectful of religious dogma, and highly skilled in presenting religious beliefs in comparison to hard science. 

A fundamental aspect of this book revolves around Bayesian thinking and statistics. The author demonstrates the pitfalls we usually fall into when trying to understand the world around us; our preconceptions paralyze us from grasping the views of others, while limiting our ability to truly be openminded to the thoughts and beliefs of others. Through learning how Bayesian thinking operates one can adjust their neurocognitive learning abilities, precisely in the domain of learning new things about the world. 

Structurally, the book can be easily digested due to its short chapter length and easy syntax. Complex biological phenomena are presented in layman terminology, while physics and cosmology are explained with fantastic metaphors and analogies. 

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