The Courage To Act. Ben Bernanke 

Here is man with a multi-faceted life. A family man, an economic genius, and a leader with a humble spirit, Ben Bernanke is the story of how strategic thinking mixed with courage can eventually cause messianic results. 

As he takes you through his childhood, you learn not only of his strong familial ties, but how his culture and identity continuously mold his perspectives on life and business. As he evolves from a University professor to an immensely powerful government official, one facet of his character comes to life: his unrelenting desire to not let his esteemed job change who he is at his core. It is highly admirable to learn of the strength of his moral compass, and his ability to refine his internal characteristics throughout the tumultuous kinks in his career. 

The staggering amount of stress and pressure Ben Bernanke dealt with is bewildering and awe inspiring. He doesn’t shy away from the truth, nor does he bend to those in power simply because of their inherent positions in government. His ability to analyze a multi-layered economic issue from all vantage points enabled him to come to confident conclusions on a continuous basis. Further, when his strategies failed, his method of finding a better solution to his previous failure always involved a relentless hunt for the most comprehensive outlook on the problem at hand. His obsession with understanding the market at its essence isn’t new or inspiring. Yet, what he pushed himself to do once he obtained that data was truly unique. 

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