Any book on happiness runs the risk of making you cringe. You are bound to rethink your life to some extent as you internalize vast amounts of data on the chasm between what your daily life entails and what science may dictate as the formula for a happier life. Perhaps, in our mind that bridge can’t be crossed, and hence the foreseeable cringe of the soul. 

This book avoids the cliches of a get happy book through rethinking the fundamental ingredients of happiness. After 40 years of research, the author reformulated the atoms which combust into a molecule of happiness: flourishing in life through engaging and meaningful work on a consistent basis. 

In his 40 years of practicing applied positive psychology, Seligman detected that all psychopharmacology is only but a temporary and cosmetic fix to a deeper biological problem. As such, he is focused on providing patients with long term tools by which they may alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. His analysis of the pharmaceutical industry clearly demonstrates why antidepressants are not capable of curing mental illness, but merely offer respite from the episodes of darkness a patient undergoes. 

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