A Novel Approach To Execution

Silicon Valley does not give birth to amazing talent. It happens to be that the most talented spirits flock to this destination as a nun would run to Church. Why? The environment. The people. The companies. The culture. It is a world onto itself which transformed how we view and execute innovation.

Jake takes the reader through a simplistic approach utilized in start-ups to simply get things done. The sprint method penetrates the cultures of Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach, and CEOs in sectors such as healthcare, engineering, and web development have incorporated its merits to some degree.

What is the The Sprint?

Its core competency revolves around making the most happen at the ground level ( employees) through:

  1. A collaborative and consistent effort by a small team trying to accomplish a specific goal.
  2. A clearly formatted approach which can be reproduced repeatedly.
  3. A leader who creates other leaders when solving complex problems.
  4. A timeframe which gives thinkers the ability to think and doers the freedom to do.
  5. A mandated responsibility for each member of the team which can be quantified by all other members.

The beauty of The Sprint is not that it works, but that it sheds light on some of the most basic human needs. One can’t help but cross reference the structure of The Spring with Logotherapy, Freudian Psychology, and some aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

How so?

The members of a team are fulfilling their most innate human necessities by being heard, appreciated, and forming relationships with ‘ Other Apes.’ Moreover, the subconscious desire for structure is built by the system itself, thereby feeding into a hunger for things which are tangible, quantifiable and sensible.

The question which remains unanswered is if The Sprint is effective in every domain. My gut reaction is no. The limited hours devoted to a sprint, along with the mix of casual leadership and harsh demands do not coincide with the culture of investment banking, real estate development or stock market trading. If that is simply an effect of missing links in those sectors, we will have to wait and see.

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