Why Science and Religion Will Not Marry

The debate is older than history. Where shall these two rivers join? In the minds of some, science is an expression of the Divine. Socrates, Plato, Einstein and the like have grappled with this unique domain of perplexity.

Truth be told, there will never be an ultimate theory to unite God and science, and the reason is more heavily based on psychoanalytical evidence than proof. We are a nation of atheists who find immense displeasure at cognitive dissonance. The few who marry these worlds expose themselves to harsh ridicule by the scientific community, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Sadly enough, the deeper we look into life, the more mystery we find. Quantum theory and Neuroscience alike point to something akin to dark energy, which philosophy shall translate as God. Yet, the very scientists who discover these ephemeral elements of the natural world despise any notion of God or religion.

The waters will not meet because of unnatural forces yielding them separate, yet not because of the very identical atomic nature each river holds.

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